LIT: The Book

A Journey Through 'LIT': The Book
LIT - Life Ignition Tools

How often do you find yourself the Oblivious Diner – eating a meal, only to suddenly notice your plate is empty and you can’t recall the flavors on your plate? Or the Unconscious Mover – driving or walking somewhere without remembering the route you took? Or the Absent-Minded Reader – mechanically turning the pages of a book and then realizing you have no idea what you just read? Our brains gravitate to a low-energy brain state, where they anticipate what comes next, operating with minimal conscious thought. This is often the root of our problems, whether they are personal—at home or at work—or on a global scale, including lack of creativity and connection, relationship misunderstandings, poor health choices, political and social inertia, and environmental neglect.

The world needs you. It’s time to get lit!

The world needs you.
It’s time to get lit!

LIT teaches us to harness the vital wisdom and power of nature to place us into a lit state. The big idea behind LIT is very simple. It’s about taking yourself off autopilot and living your full potential by using a simple set of 12 holistic tools. Think of it as a Swiss army knife. Each tool is designed to enable you to pry open an energy source that we all have within us, one we’re mostly not using, or even aware of! The goal is to re-direct your life – both at home and at work – with creativity, connection, passion, and ultimately a deep sense of purpose.

Jeff’s Path to LIT

One moment in second grade utterly changed the course of my life. I went from feeling devastated to experiencing a wonderful window into new possibilities, which ultimately brought me to LIT.

As a kid, I had learning differences and ADHD, but I didn’t know it. Nobody knew it, and boy, did I struggle — my teachers called me “lazy” and a “lost cause” and pushed me to downscale my dreams.

Then one day in summer school, I asked my tutor a question, and she responded asking, “Well, Jeff, how did you think about it?” No one had ever asked me that before, and it was like a spark — a light went on. For the first time I held an awareness of my own thoughts, which ended up being a wonderful window into new possibilities, and ultimately brought me to LIT.

This spark of a moment transformed my approach to thinking and learning. By continually experimenting with a wide variety of techniques to tap into incredible energies and tools to overcome daily challenges, I honed those methods into a diverse toolkit that I call Life Ignition Tools (LIT).

Through using LIT tools I went from earning C’s and D’s in my classes to earning a PhD in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toronto and completing a postdoctoral fellowship in stem cells and advanced biomaterials at MIT. Today, I am a professor at Harvard Medical School. My lab focuses on accelerating the process of medical problem solving; we have developed a tissue adhesive to repair the heart inspired by slugs, a diagnostic for cancer based on the tentacles of jellyfish, and surgical staples based on the quills of a porcupine.

Dr. Jeff Karp