Karp's Lab

Professor Jeff Karp
Principal Investigator

Jeff’s laboratory (KarpLab) is a playground for academic innovators across a wide spectrum of disciplines, attracting individuals from 30 countries to date, to create the next generation of medical technologies to positively impact patients’ lives. The lab focuses on the process of accelerated medical innovation—a highly iterative and evolving process that parallels the natural process of evolution, to streamline academic discoveries into the hands of doctors and patients who need them most.

KarpLab inventions have been featured in hundreds of media outlets worldwide, including CNN, ABC, NBC, BBC, Discovery, Boston Globe, National Geographic, The Atlantic, The Guardian, among others. KarpLab innovations include photocurable adhesive technology for tissue reconstruction (Tissium, EU Approval in 2017), 3D printed biomedical devices, immune modulation with biologically responsive materials (Alivio Tx, acquired in 2021), small molecule regenerative therapeutics (NASDAQ IPO in 2019), a pathogen neutralizing nasal spray (Akita Biosciences), targeted therapy for brain disorders, osteoarthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease, cannabinoid therapeutics (Molecular Infusions, acquired in 2019), devices to improve child safety (Landsdowne Labs), autostop needles for gene therapy delivery to the back of the eye (Bullseye Therapeutics, acquired in 2021), and a bioengineered luminal coating for metabolic disease (Altrix Bio).

Jeff’s lab is highly motivated to share their work, insights, and processes for accelerating medical innovation. Toward this goal, Jeff has given nearly 400 lectures worldwide, including keynote and plenary lectures and seminars at leading institutions such as the University Club, Harvard, MIT, Caltech, KAIST, University of Michigan, Stanford, Rockefeller University, University of Sydney, the University of Tokyo, Cleveland Clinic (where he was a visiting professor), Imperial College, University of Pavia, Oxford (where he was a visiting professor), The American University of Beirut, and delivered a commencement speech at Crestwood Secondary School, a TEDMED talk on bioinspired medical innovation, and was a commencement speaker at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry and Pharmacy. Jeff also gave a TEDx talk on Radical Simplicity and was a grade 8 commencement speaker at Talcott Mountain Academy in Connecticut. His lab frequently engages in educational outreach, hosting teams of grade school and high school students each year at his laboratory from local and international schools, often including inspirational talks and hands-on demos.

The KarpLab has significantly impacted global biomedical engineering through key initiatives. As the keynote speaker at the inaugural biomedical engineering meeting at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Jeff highlighted the lab's commitment to international collaborations. Jeff also co-directed the Indo-US Center for Bio-Nanotechnology at the National Center For Biological Sciences (NCBS) in Bangalore, backed by the Indian Department of Biotechnology. Moreover, in his role as the principal investigator at the KACST Center of Excellence for Biomedicine in Saudi Arabia, Jeff and his laboratory team have played a significant role in advancing global collaborative biomedical research.

As a Distinguished Professor of Anesthesiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Chaired Full Professor), Harvard Medical School, the KarpLab’s bio-inspired innovations have led to many seminal publications with over 33,500 citations (top 0.1% globally in 2023 Clarivate ranking). He has co-founded thirteen companies that have raised more than $600 million, with multiple products in development or on the market. Boston Magazine recognized Jeff as one of 11 Boston Doctors Making Medical Breakthroughs. His work has been selected by Popular Mechanics as one of the Top 20 New Biotech Breakthroughs that Will Change Medicine. The Boston Business Journal recognized him as a Champion in Healthcare Innovation and as an Innovator in Healthcare. Karp has received over 50 awards and honors and was elected a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, Royal Society of Chemistry, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering’s College of Fellows, Biomedical Engineering Society, and the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

Jeff is dedicated to developing the careers of next-generation bioengineers at the forefront of biomedical innovation. He was selected as the Outstanding Faculty Undergraduate Mentor among all faculty at MIT and received the HST McMahon Mentoring award for being the top mentor of Harvard-MIT students. To date, 30 trainees from his laboratory have secured faculty positions, and many more have found positions in various industries and non-profits. Jeff is also head of innovation at Geoversity, Nature’s University, a rainforest bioleadership training conservancy located in one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world.

Jeff Karp's steadfast commitment to mentorship is at the forefront of his impressive career, underscoring every achievement and innovation he has brought to the field of biomedical engineering. His accomplishments and contributions are not just a testament to his innovative spirit and dedication to improving healthcare, but also to his profound impact on shaping the minds and careers of the next generation. Through his leadership in academic research, Karp has cultivated a nurturing environment that encourages young scientists and engineers to explore, innovate, and challenge the status quo. His mentorship extends beyond the lab, as his entrepreneurial endeavors further exemplify the qualities of a visionary in the biomedical community. Jeff's work does not merely push the boundaries of medical technology; it sets a gold standard for how scientific inquiry and compassionate guidance can together inspire a new generation to pursue research that holds the promise of saving lives and enhancing the quality of healthcare globally.