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by Daniel Pink, Susan Cain, Malcolm Gladwell, & Adam Grant

"LIT is a blueprint for a richer deeper life."
— Diana Nyad
Author, Champion Swimmer
"LIT is an essential toolkit."
— Daniel Pink
#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Regret, When, and Drive
"LIT provides a spark bringing Joy and creativity to all aspects of our lives"
— Arianna Huffington
Founder and CEO, Thrive Global

About the book

* Life Ignition Tools

Use Nature's Playbook to
Energize Your Brain, Spark Ideas, and Ignite Action

This groundbreaking book from Harvard bioinspirationalist Jeff Karp is the essential holistic guide on how to transform intention into action and feel truly alive every day.



So glad you’re here.

I am truly grateful to connect with you to to share LIT, or Life Ignition Tools.

As a kid struggling with undiagnosed ADHD, I sat in the back of my second grade classroom completely lost, unable to follow along and feeling pretty demoralized. That is, until the fateful day I discovered the first of these 12 tools. Early on, these were just survival tools to help me get by and now they’ve evolved into something much more. Wings to fly. From fear to boundless curiosity, LIT sparks the utmost connection and creativity. LIT lifts us up from the rut of routine and re-sensitizes our aliveness, to ultimately reclaim our beginner’s mind – to see everything afresh.

In my Harvard lab, our amazing team designs innovations inspired by nature and guided by LIT’s holistic tools — including the radical art of questioning — to solve urgent biomedical problems to help patients thrive and doctors do their critical work.

The best part? These tools are for everyone. They’re universally accessible. LIT includes interviews and stories from 40 unique individuals — Nobel laureates, celebrated artists, athletes, indigenous leaders who all testify to the power of these principles.

In this era, rife with conflict, we could use all the love and illumination we can get. Whether you use LIT for personal growth, to attain professional goals, or to delve deep into consciousness — welcome!

Let’s step off the beaten path and onto a new one that is positively LIT!


Jeff Karp



Welcome to radically simple experimental tools to help tap into a high-energy brain state and RE-SENSITIZE our ALIVENESS!

Life Ignition Tools cue the brain to cut through inertia to activate and cultivate your brain’s plasticity through initiating action.

Being LIT  takes us off autopilot and helps us stay alert, present, and fully engaged.

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"Jeff Karp offers a rare combination of scientific acumen, heartfelt warmth, and childlike wonder. He brings a beginner's mind to his work, which allows him to constantly learn and grow. I appreciate him immensely."
- Rick Hanson

PhD, NYT Best Seller, Author of Buddha Brain

10 Transformative Insights You Will Discover in This Book:

Learn how to…

Praise for LIT

Feel the Warmth: Reader Reviews That Light Up the LIT World
Jeff Karp’s much-needed book LIT provides a spark and helps us light ourselves up from within — while lighting up the world around us, bringing joy and creativity to all aspects of our lives.

Arianna Huffington

Founder and CEO, Thrive Global

Don’t we all want to tap our innermost talents of creativity, the full power of our good brains? I know I do. I am in a perpetual search to spark every fiber of my potential. And here, with LIT, I have discovered myriad tools and concepts to guide me. Drawing on the grandeur of Mother Nature, the discipline of repetition, the courage to not only accept but seek failure, LIT is a blueprint for a richer, deeper life.

Diana Nyad

Motivational speaker, Long distance swimmer

In this illuminating guide, Jeff Karp illustrates how we can break free from the routines that limit our thinking. LIT is an essential toolkit for converting intentions into actions that matter.

Daniel H. Pink

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Regret, When, and Drive

As an adventurer—deeply engaged with the natural world and its gifts—I highly recommend LIT. Instead of getting discouraged and overwhelmed by our current world and problems, Jeff Karp offers us a path toward inner illumination and innovation.

Colin O’Brady

New York Times bestselling author

About the Author

(About Jeff Karp)

A Word From The Author

Discovering processes to effectively navigate the world truly invigorates me, and I derive great satisfaction from sharing these insights with others. I started off as a young kid in rural Canada, being enormously challenged by the education system. Overcoming those early struggles and barriers ignited an insatiable curiosity to discover alternative ways of learning and understanding the world that could unlock my potential – I am very excited to share these tools with you!

Dr. Jeff Karp


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